The Temple – Its Ministry and Service
Alfred Edersheim, D. D., Ph. D.
Chapter 1 A First View of Jerusalem, and of the Temple
Chapter 2 Within the Holy Place
Chapter 3 Temple Order, Revenues, and Music
Chapter 4 The Officiating Priesthood
Chapter 5 Sacrifices: Their Order and Their Meaning
Chapter 6 The Burnt-Offering, the Sin- and Trespass-Offering, and the Peace-Offering
Chapter 7 At Night in the Temple
Chapter 8 The Morning and the Evening Sacrifice
Chapter 9 Sabbath in the Temple
Chapter 10 Festive Cycles and Arrangement of the Calendar
Chapter 11 The Passover
Chapter 12 The Paschal Feast and the Lord’s Supper
Chapter 13 The Feast of Unleavened Bread and the Day of Pentecost
Chapter 14 The Feast of Tabernacles
Chapter 15 The New Moons
Chapter 16 The Day of Atonement
Chapter 17 Post-Mosaic Festivals
Chapter 18 On Purifications
Chapter 19 On Vows