Chapter 30 – Personal Work

“Restore unto me the joy of Thy salvation: and uphold me with Thy free spirit. Then will I teach transgressors Thy ways; and sinners shall be converted unto Thee” Psalm 51:12,13.

“I believe, therefore have I spoken” Psalm 116:10.

“But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you” Acts 1:8.

Every redeemed man is called to be a witness for his Lord. Not only by a godly walk, but by personal effort I should serve and make my Lord known. My tongue–my speech–is one of the principal means of communicating with and influencing others. When I do not offer up my lips to speak for the Lord, I am serving Him with only a partial dedication.1

There is an inconceivably great need for this work. There are thousands of Christians who continually enjoy the preaching of the Word, and yet they do not understand the way of salvation. The Lord Jesus not only preached to the multitudes, but He also spoke o individuals according to their needs.2 Scripture is full of examples of those who told others what the Lord had done for them, and who then became a blessing themselves.3 The teacher alone cannot do his work of personal speaking. Every redeemed soul must cooperate with him. He is in the world as a witness for his Lord. His own life cannot come to its full healthy increase, if he does not confess his Lord and work for Him.

That witness for the Lord must be a personal witness. We must have the courage to say, “He has redeemed me; He will also redeem you. Will you not accept this redemption? Come, let me show you the way.”4 There are hundreds who would be glad if the personal question were put to them, “Are you redeemed? What keeps you back? Can I help you go to the Lord?” Parents should personally speak with their children, and ask them the question, “My child, have you already received the Lord Jesus?” When teaching the Word of God, Sunday school teachers and day school teachers should ask the children if they have really received salvation. They should also seek the opportunity to individually ask each child this personal question. Friends must speak with their friends. Yes, this work should be done before all else.

Such work must be the work of love. Let others feel that you love them tenderly. Let the humility and gentleness of love, as was seen in Jesus, be also seen in you. At every turn, surrender yourself to Jesus so that you will be filled with His love. Not by feeling, but by faith in this love, can you do your work. “Beloved, keep yourselves in the love of God. And on some have compassion, and others save, pulling them out of the fire; and on some have mercy with fear” (Jude 21-23). The flesh often thinks that strength and force do more than love and patience. But that is not so. Love achieves everything–it has overcome on the cross.5

Such work must be the work of faith–faith working by love. Faith that the Lord desires to use you and will use you. Do not be afraid on account of your weakness. Learn in the Scriptures what glorious promises God gave to those who had to speak for Him.6 Surrender yourself continually to God to be used for the rescue of souls. Take your stand on the fact that He, who has redeemed you for this end, will for this end also bless you. Although your work is in weakness and fear, and although no blessing appears to come, be of good courage-at His time, we will reap.7 Be filled with faith in the power of Cod, in His blessing upon you, and in the certainty that He hears prayer. “If any man see his brother sinning a sin which is not unto death, he shall ask, and God shall give him life” (1 John 5:16). Whether he that does not know sin is the most miserable and neglected, or whether he is decent but indifferent, take courage–the Lord is mighty to bless. He hears prayer.

But above all–for this is the principal point-carry out this work in fellowship with Jesus. Live closely with Him–live entirely for Him. Let Jesus be all in your own life, and He will speak and work in you.8 Be full of the blessing of the Lord, full of His Spirit and His love, and it can be no other way than that you will be a blessing. You will be able to share what He continually is for you. You will have the love and the courage–with all humility–to ask souls the question, “Is it well with you? Have you indeed received the Lord Jesus as your Saviour?” And the Lord will have you experience the rich blessing which is promised to those who live to bless others.

Young Christian, be a witness for Jesus. Live as one who is wholly given to Him, to watch and to work for His honour.

Blessed Lord, who has redeemed me to serve the Father in the proclamation of His love, I will, with a free spirit, offer myself to You far this end. Fill my heart with love for Him, for You, and for souls. Cause me to see what an honour it is to do the work of redeeming love, even as You did it. Strengthen my confidence that You are working with Your power in my weakness. And let my joy be to help souls to find You. Amen.


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1. The question is often asked, “What can I do to work for the Lord?” Can you not teach a class in the Sunday school? Perhaps you live in the country where there are children who have no hour of the Lord’s day devoted to them. Perhaps there are heathen children, or even grown-up people of the farms, who do not go to church. See whether you cannot gather them together in the name of Jesus. Make it a matter of prayer and faith. Although you do this work with trembling, you may be sure that to begin to work will make you strong. Or, can you do nothing for the circulation of books and tracts? When you have a book that has been useful to you, order six or twelve copies of it. Speak of it, and offer it to others. You can do great service by this means. So also with tracts. If you are too poor to give them for nothing, have them to sell. You may procure blessing by this method. It will especially help you to speak to others if you begin with telling them what is in a book.

2. But the main thing is personal speaking. Do not hold back because you feel no freedom. The Lord will give you freedom in His own time. It is incredible how many are lost through ignorance. No one has ever personally made it clear to them how they can be saved. The thought that a change must first be sought and felt is so deeply rooted that the most faithful preaching is often of no avail against it. By their erroneous ideas, people misunderstand everything. Begin then to speak and to help souls to understand that they are to receive Jesus just as they are, that they can certainly know that He receives them, and that this is the power of a new and holy life.