Title and Contents

THe Early Church Fathers:

Ante-Nicene Fathers

Volume 6

Fathers of the Third Century:

Gregory Thaumaturgus, Dionysius the Great, Julius Africanus, Anatolius and Minor Writers, Methodius, Arnobius


Introductory Notice



I. Gregory Thaumaturgus

A Declaration of Faith

A Metaphrase on the Book of Ecclesiastes

Canonical Epistle

The Oration and Panegyric Addressed to Origen

A Sectional Confession of Faith

On the Trinity

Twelve Topics on the Faith

On the Subject of the Soul

Four Homilies

On All the Saints

On the Gospel According to Matthew


II. Dionysius the Great

Extant Fragments

Exegetical Fragments


III. Julius Africanus

Extant Works


IV. Anatolius and Minor Writers

Anatolius of Alexandria

Alexander of Cappadocia

Theognostus of Alexandria

Pierius of Alexandria

Theonas of Alexandria





V. Archelaus

The Acts of the Disputation with the Heresiarch Manes


VI. Alexander of Lycopolis

Of the Manichaeans


VII. Peter of Alexandria

The Genuine Acts of Peter

The Canonical Epistle



VIII. Alexander of Alexandria

Epistles on the Arian Heresy and the Deposition of Arius


IX. Methodius

The Banquet of the Ten Virgins

Concerning Free-Will

From the Discourse on the Resurrection


Oration Concerning Simeon and Anna

Oration on the Palms

Three Fragments from the Homily on the Cross and Passion of Christ

Some other Fragments


X. Arnobius

The Seven Books of Arnobius Against the Heathen