On Cleaving to God

Table of Contents

On Cleaving to God – Attributed to Albertus Magnus – Translator’s Introduction
Chapter 1 – On the highest and supreme perfection of man, in so far as it is possible in this life
Chapter 2 – How one can cling to and seek Christ alone, disdaining everything else
Chapter 3 – What the perfection of man consist of in this life
Chapter 4 – How man’s activity should be purely in the intellect and not in the senses
Chapter 5 – On purity of heart which is to be sought above all things
Chapter 6 – That the devout man should cleave to God with naked understanding and will
Chapter 7 – How the heart should be gathered within itself
Chapter 8 – How a religious man should commit himself to God in all circumstances whatsoever
Chapter 9 – How much the contemplation of God is to be preferred to all other exercises
Chapter 10 – That one should not be concerned about feeling tangible devotion so much as about cleaving to God with one’s will
Chapter 11 – How one should resist temptations and bear trials
Chapter 12 – How powerful the love of God is
Chapter 13 – The nature and value of prayer, and how the heart should be recollected within itself
Chapter 14 – That we should seek the verdict of our conscience in every decision
Chapter 15 – How contempt of himself can be produced in a man, and how useful it is
Chapter 16 – How God’s Providence Includes Everything